Sending a website article

How to send us a website article

How to send a report for the website
We will liaise with Group Contacts to obtain reports on recent activities.  We are happy to receive reports which you have written yourself or, if that feels a bit daunting, you can send us details and we will write the report for you. We always prefer the former as it is more personal.

Reports should be sent directly to Paul at  You can include photographs as attachments if you wish. If possible, these should be less than 1MB in size but if you are not able to make them smaller, we will do it for you.

We hope these arrangements are clear and clarify the communication lines, but if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Website Administration
The administration of the website includes maintaining the following pages:

·         List of study groups, contact lists, guide for group contacts, group leader news, group promotions
·         Membership fees, application forms
·         Committee, chairman, roles, AGM reports
·         IT issues – privacy advice, emails and spam advice, copyright, Twitter, keeping safe on phone and internet
·         Link to U3A website, constitution, all about Edenbridge U3A
·         Monthly meetings, monthly meeting venue, latest email newsletter
·         Group equipment purchase
Updated information on any of the above topics should be sent directly to Paul at

Paul Dashwood 
Web Administrator