Website photos policy

What to do if you do not want your photograph on the website

Most of the photographs on the website are taken by members and group contacts. As part of our privacy policy, you may request that we do not display any photographs which have been taken of yourself if you do not wish to be included. 

Most members are happy for their photograph to be used. However, we wish to assure those members who have declined permission to use photographs that they will be removed without question if we have inadvertently posted them. If this happens, please contact

It would be a help, however, if those not wishing to have photographs included would ensure, as far a possible, that they are not part of a group photograph and inform the photographer that they do not wish to have their photograph taken.

Below is an extract from our Data Protection and Privacy Policy concerning photographs on the website

"Photographs / video on the website: - To make our website as interesting and informative as possible, we include photographs taken by members which may include other members. Should any member object to a photograph being included on the website, please contact the website administrator and it will be removed immediately and without question."

You will find the full 
Data Protection and Privacy Policy HERE