Emails and Spam Advice

Reply to All

When you reply to an email you usually have three choices - "Reply", "Reply to All" or "Forward". "Reply" simply sends a message to the person who sent it. "Forward" sends it to another recipient. However, "Reply to All" sends it to everyone who was sent the original email. Take care when using this. Do you want everyone in the group to receive an email and increase the amount of spam we all get? Please think before you use this button. Does everyone need to know, for example, your reason for not coming to the next meeting or just the Group Contact? Where there are groups with 70+ members, that's a lot of unwanted emails received. It is OK for small groups though when everyone needs to get the message. USE WITH CARE PLEASE.

Taking care to avoid your email being hacked

Every month 3 or 4 of our members have their emails hacked or taken over by unscrupulous people, usually for advertising which is often unsavoury. You can deal with this in three ways:-

1. Have a strong password possibly made up of three random unconnected words and maybe using numbers, capitals and symbols. never use anything obvious and never use the same password for everything.

2. Give the email provider another email address which can be used to help you reset your password if your email address is hacked.
3. Give a mobile phone number for resetting the password.

If your email is hacked and you have forgotten your password and you haven't done 2 or 3 above, you have probably lost it for good and the hackers have access to all of your contacts to send them whatever they want. Not a good position to be in. This is especially important for smartphone and tablet users when you don't have to enter your password every time and you may forget it.

How to send an email hiding individual email addresses

It is a good idea to do this, especially for large groups when not everyone wants everyone else to know their email address.

Most email accounts are the same. The one I have described is for Gmail

·       Click on COMPOSE

·       In the To: BOX (Recipients), add your own email address or one you have created using your own email address.

·       Click on BCC and add all of the email addresses or group you want to send to. (BCC = Blind Copies and the addresses cannot be seen) (CC = Copies and the addresses can be seen)

·       Write your email and press SEND

·       Recipients will only be able to see their own email addresses

How to make text bigger

You can make the text bigger by holding the CTRL Key and pressing + (plus) and smaller by pressing - (minus) For even more information to help you, click on the picture.

How to set up a group for emails

Most email accounts are the same. The one I have described is for Gmail

·       Go into CONTACTS

·       Click on NEW GROUP

·       Add a Group Name e.g. U3A French Group

·       Click on the Group Name on the left

·       Click on the Add to Group Icon (person with a +)

·       Add email addresses and click ADD. If the addresses are already in your contacts, they will display automatically.

·       When sending to that group, just type in the GROUP Name in the To: BOX (recipients)

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