Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lullingstone Castle World Garden - Tom Hart Dyke

Lullingstone Castle 
World garden
Tom Hart Dyke
23rd February 2016

Yet again, to a packed hall, our February speaker was Tom Hart Dyke from the Lullingstone Castle World Garden.

Thomas Guy Hart Dyke is an English horticulturist and plant hunter from the Hart Dyke family. He is the son and heir of Guy and Sarah Hart Dyke at the family seat of Lullingstone Castle, Eynsford, Kent. He is the designer of the World Garden of Plants located on the property. The World Garden contains approximately 8,000 species of plants, many collected by Hart Dyke from their native environments. He presented an episode of Great British Garden Revival in 2013.

A few words from Tom..........

"It has been a special year at The World Garden celebrating our 10th anniversary with a fantastic 10,000 visitors. A BIG thank you to everyone who has visited and supported us during our event packed season, especially our volunteers who make it all possible.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2016, marking our 40th anniversary of opening Lullingstone Castle to visitors and another action filled event calendar!

I have just returned from an awe inspiring trip to Israel, an amazing place full of flora and fauna to inspire any plant hunter! My main reason for visiting was to explore as many botanic gardens as possible, whilst having a break after our busy 10th anniversary year.

Here are a few of my 'action' shots, the first involving an attempt to eat a giant Grapefruit, known as a Pomelo in Northern Israel near the Sea of Galilee. I also found myself up close and personal with a spiny well armed beast of a tree called the "Silk Tree" or Chorisia speciosa in Latin. Originally from South America, the tree goes by this name because the seed pods contain black seeds that are surrounded by a fluffy yet smooth material reminiscent of silk.

I only had 10 days, although managed to visit most parts of this small but diverse country . Now back in an overcast Kent I'm re-charged with zinging enthusiasm for the 2016 season ahead at Lullingstone!"

To find out more about Tom and the World Garden, visit his website HERE

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Pigs, Potholes and Paradise

January 26th Monthly Meeting
Penny Harris
Continued her story of rural life
as the daughter of a local smallholder

Pigs, Potholes and Paradise
Penny talks to a full hall

Theatre Group Steering Committee

Theatre Group
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