Wednesday, 11 February 2015

London Studies Globe Feature

London Studies Visit to the Globe Theatre
January 2015 
Shakespeare's Globe
On a bright sunny but very cold day our party of 30 set off for the first visit of 2015. It was programmed as a backstage tour of the Globe but turned out to be much more than that. There was consternation on arrival when we discovered that our promised refreshments weren't available but with true British pluck and determination we carried on regardless and progressed to the first part of the tour. This involved one of our intrepid party allowing herself to be reduced to Elizabethan underwear before the numerous layers were added to convert her into a respectable lady of the time whilst members of the Globe staff described the process - undeterred by the hubbub of visiting school parties. 
All the world's a stage
Then, as a reward for our good behaviour, we were able to have our promised hot drinks and biscuits in the pleasant quieter surroundings of the Swan Inn before we met our excellent guide for the main part of our programme. She set out the background to the Globe project and details of theatre going in Elizabethan times whilst showing us around local sites of interest including the ferryman's chair, the site of a bear bating pit, the archaeological remains of the Rose Theatre and the site of the original Globe Theatre before we headed back to the current Globe. At the latter she told us both about the protocol for attending the theatre in Elizabethan times as well as details of current situation - both plays and the building itself. In fact this brief article doesn't do justice to the amount of information that she gave in an authoritative and amusing way. She thoroughly justified the very warm applause that she received at the end. 

The party then broke up with some going to the exhibition of costumes etc  connected with performance whilst others headed home. The end of a thoroughly informative and interesting tour.  
Group Photo
Now let's get back in the warm