Thursday, 13 November 2014

Walking Group Feature

First Group of Walkers Venture Out!
November 2015

Despite being a cloudy day sandwiched between two gloriously sunny days our walk went well and, at least, it didn't rain on us!

Fifteen people went on the walk and most of those came on to the King & Queen for refreshments and to discuss the " modus operandi " for future group walks.

It was generally agreed, that, to start with, walks of 3-5 miles should be the norm and at a frequency of once-a-month.

The third Wednesday of each month suited most people best and a constant starting time of 10.00 am for each walk was also decided upon.

As we are walking just on one Wednesday in each month, hopefully, those members who find Wednesdays difficult due to other commitments will be able to join us on the odd occasion.

It would be a nice idea to have the option to visit a pub or cafe to enjoy a sandwich, drink, or coffee together afterwards as we did on Wednesday. Apart from giving the walks a social aspect, this would also give us the opportunity to discuss the Group's progress and make plans for future walks together.

A programme for the next few months was planned out and a big thank you to those of you who volunteered to lead a walk for us. (The programme of walk dates and their Leaders can be found above).

These decisions and this plan will give the U3A Walking Group a solid, regular basis to work from.

However there will be some members who wish to walk farther or maybe on a different day. There is no reason that longer walks or different days cannot be accommodated and offered. So, if you would like to plan one you are prepared to lead just let me know and I will circulate the details to all the group members.

Thank you all for a great turn-out on Wednesday and I hope we can look forward to many happy hours walking together in the future,

Best wishes

Striding Out