Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Chiddingstone Village History

June 2014 Monthly Meeting 
June 24th

`Chiddingstone Village History`
Bob Golds

Molly Ward - Acting Chairman
Lynn tells us about the Theatre and Film Group
The meeting started with a brief introduction from Molly Ward. Molly is acting as Chairman as Sue Bell has now moved out of the area. She explained that we are looking for a Chairman to replace Sue. The committee also needs a secretary. All members will have an opportunity to vote on these appointments as well as the rest of the committee at the AGM at Rickards Hall on Tuesday 29th July 2014 2- 4pm. At that meeting, there will also be presentations from the Group Contacts so that you will have an opportunity to find out what happens in each of the groups and maybe sign up for some of them.

Lynn Swift then told us about the new Theatre and Travel Group and encouraged people to join up for it. Lynn described two future events at the theatre in East Grinstead and Hever Castle. We are pleased to report that a significant number of members joined up for this group on the day. 

After the business of the day, we were pleased to welcome Bob Golds who presented to us a journey through Chiddingstone`s long history from its original pig-dens, to the medieval knights of the parish, the other lords of the manor, and the highs, lows and major events in its development as a village and farming community including 500 years of association with the Streatfeild family`. It was a fascinating talk with lots of detail, photographs and "entertainment" in the form of a quiz in the middle. Bob has a passion for the subject and it certainly came across in his talk. At the end we were certainly much more knowledgeable about our local area only a few miles from Edenbridge.

We'll let the photographs speak for themselves........

Bob has a passion for his subject
Chiddingstone in the context of Kent
Chiddingstone in English History

The Chiding Stone in Victorian Times

Half way through the talk, Bob made sure his audience were paying attention and introduced a quiz. Everyone was asked to stand up and he fired at the audience a series of questions about things he had been telling us. Where you put your hands indicated your answer to the question. Everyone took part. He noted that it was the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn on the day of the talk.

Sit down if you're wrong
We have a winner
Chiddingstone's connections with the Tudors
St Mary's Church
Chiddingstone Castle
The Castle Inn

Once again, we thank you, Bob, for your interesting and inspiring talk. If you want to find out more, go to the