Saturday, 12 April 2014

London Studies Feature Canary Wharf

London Studies Visit to Canary Wharf
11th April 2014
Organised by Colin Fairman

Walk through Canary Wharf
We caught the usual 9.09 from Edenbridge Town Station to London Bridge then walked through the station to the Jubilee line where we will had a short Underground journey to Canary Wharf.

On arrival at Canary Wharf we walked to the Museum of London, Docklands . The weather was excellent and it made a very pleasant stroll past the wharf and the buildings in the Financial District.

After the mid-morning coffee in the Museum, we were met by our guide who gave us an excellent tour of the Museum, pointing out all of its major features and filling us in with all the background information from the time of the creation of the docks to the present day.

Colin is the Perfect Guide
After an excellent “Italian Lunch” taken outdoors in the warm sunshine, Colin took us on a twenty minute walk to the river to see a panoramic view of the Thames, the sailors "clock", a large statue which we could have probably missed even when standing next to it, a topless bighead and a large collection of leaves that never drop (more interesting than it sounds).

Colin was an excellent and knowledgeable guide who never ceased to amaze us with his knowledge of the area and stories relating to it. Thanks, Colin for making it such an enjoyable day.

We are all looking forward to the next trip in May to the Inns of Court and in June to the BBC, all organised courtesy of Jan Hart.

Guided Tour of the Museum

Fiona joins in the fun

You can see all of the photos from our day out in Canary Wharf 
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