Sunday, 9 March 2014

February Monthly Meeting Antiques

Our February Monthly Meeting

Janie Ramsay
For What it’s Worth?
A talk on what determines
 The value of Antiques

Janie explains her background
Yet again, to another packed hall, we were given an entertaining and thoroughly informative talk about Antiques by Janie Ramsay. One thing is certainly true about Edenbridge U3A is that we get variety in our monthly meetings.

Janie told us how she had been many years in the trade, both owning her own shops in Tunbridge Wells and later working for a large London Auctioneers. She was very willing to give us an insight into the tricks of the trade and talked knowledgeably about both sides of the auctioneering trade from the point of view of the sellers and the buyers. She brought a selection of items which she passed around the audience for valuations and opinions about there age. She explained the best ways to buy and how to sell and realistically what we should take into consideration when selling and buying items in an auction. Never forget the auctioneers cut and the VAT!!! She gave us an insight into what was genuine, what had been restored and what was fake and how to tell the difference.

Janie's former shop in Tunbridge Wells
She did a lively demonstration with a volunteer from the audience about how to barter and get the best deal for what you are buying and selling. 

All in all, it was entertaining and very informative and we thank Janie for sparing our time to talk to us.

Our next monthly meeting is on Tuesday  March 25th from 2.00pm – 4.00pm in Rickards Hall in Edenbridge. Jack Wheeler, Chairman of the South East Region of the Japanese Garden Society, will be talking about JAPANESE GARDENS and how they have developed. He will give descriptions of four different types of traditional garden plus some slides of his own beautiful Japanese Garden.

Checking out an item
What's it worth?
Genuine or fake?
Check out the quality
Learning to barter