Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Arcane Art of Dowsing

November Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, November 26th
The Arcane Art of Dowsing
John Watson

Do you know anything about dowsing? Or perhaps you know it as water divining. Do you know the meaning of arcane? Maybe you already knew that dowsing isn't always for water! Well, over 60 of our Edenbridge U3A members know an awful lot more about it than they did before last Tuesday. 

Our third monthly talk in Edenbridge's Rikards Hall was given ably by John Watson on the subject of DOWSING. And fascinating it was! He started by telling us about this arcane art which few understand and which seems to have mysterious results with not so many explanations. His fluent and knowledgeable talk took us through the meaning of the art, the psychology behind it and even the practical aspect of becoming dowsers ourselves using an old wire coat hanger and a pair of pliers.

Using two members of the audience, he demonstrated how one part of the brain could talk to the other and how the arms of a dowser, holding simple home made dowsing rods, could be used as magnifiers to highlight the body's reaction to whatever the dowser might be searching for, whether it was for water, something precious or even those keys that had gone missing months ago. He shared his experience of many uears of dowsing and told us that there would even be a group from East Grinstead experimenting with the art in Edenbridge in the next few days.

He offered some theories and explanations of why it might work and was convincing in his enthusiasm that it really did work.

Thanks, John for a really enlightening talk!

Dowsing Rods from a wire coat hanger

Using the audience to demonstrate his point

The camera never lies!. Brian and Barry volunteered to help John with his demonstration but wanted to shoot the photographer when he caught them in this pose. 
Two good sports!

This is how it's done!

And this is the theory behind it!
Discussing the talk over a cup of tea and a slice of cake!

January Monthly Meeting
Tuesday 28th January 2014
2pm - 4pm

VSO Adventures in Guyana and Rwanda
Rickards Hall Edenbridge

Hear Stephen and Mary talk about their volunteering adventures with Voluntary Service Overseas 
in Guyana and Rwanda.

See you next month!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

London Studies Old Operating Theatre

London Studies
Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garret
15th November 2013

This was our third London Studies Visit and, like the previous two, was very successful. Thirteen of us met up at London Bridge Station to go to the Old Operating Theatre in Thomas Street next to Guys Hospital. We relaxed for a while in the Refectory of Southwark Cathedral where we had teas and coffees at a table big enough for all of us. 

Old Operating Theatre
After a short walk through Borough Market, we went to the Museum where we had an inspiring talk by a volunteer at the museum – 1 ½ hours of interesting facts and figures about medicine in the area in the 19th century. It even included the mock amputation of the legs of one of our members after a vivid and gory description as to the reason why his limbs had to be “chopped off”. He then took us around the area including the Guys Hospital Museum and Chapel. The whole 2 ½ hours went by in a flash as it was so interesting.
Guy's Hospital Chapel

We had lunch in the George Inn, the only remaining galleried inn in London and finished off with the delights of Borough Market which boasts a whole array of British and Continental foods. A perfect, sunny day, added to the mix made it a very successful visit.
Our Group Contact, Sue Bell, also took lots of interesting photos and these can be found by clicking on the link below…..

After three successful visit, we’re all looking forward to the next one. See above for details of our planning meeting at the Henry VIII pub in Hever at 12-00 on 6th December.

Herb Garret

Lotions and Potions
Amusing Story from the Guide
The Shard next door by contrast

Monday, 4 November 2013

First Monthly Meeting The Edenbridge Museum

Two Firsts for Edenbridge U3A 
on Tuesday 24th September
(adapted from a report by Jo Scott, Edenbridge Committee)

This was the first Monthly Meeting and was attended by approximately 50 members. The first publication of the Quarterly Newsletter was also distributed.

Guest Speaker
Jane Higgs was the guest speaker and spoke about ‘The Edenbridge Museum and the Search for Local History’. With the help of slides, Jane showed how Church House, which has medieval origins, was renovated to how you see it today. This was made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. A tremendous amount of work was involved to gather and log the 700 objects required to be registered as a Museum. This was undertaken by an army of volunteers under the guidance of a part time professional curator.

The Museum was finally opened by Lord Astor in the year 2000 with a big parade through Edenbridge High Street.

The Chairman, Sue Bell thanked Jane very much for the interesting talk which was well received by those present. She was pleased to report that a least a dozen courses were up and running and that the Spanish Group now has a Group Contact.

The Group Co-Coordinator, Molly Ward, explained that we have some study groups that are still in need of a Group Contact. She emphasized that the Contact does not need to be an expert on the subject.

Web site administrator, Stephen Harding, explained that the website is for the benefit of members and that he would like some help providing content for it. He would therefore welcome as much feedback as possible, including pictures and reports from the Study Groups as well as their calendar dates. He explained that he is also responsible for e-mailing Members. He reminded people that If anyone does not want to receive the e-mails, there is a facility on the web site to  ‘unsubscribe’.

The meeting then broke up for refreshments. This gave the Members the opportunity to view the artefacts Jane had bought, collect their copy of the newsletter, enrol for membership or just chat with friends and enjoy a cup of tea and cake. 

Thanks to those who gave up their time to provide refreshments and organise the meeting.

Artifacts from the Museum
Getting to know each other
Guest Speaker Jane Higgs