Thursday, 25 July 2013

Edenbridge U3A Launch

Edenbridge U3A Launch 30th July 2013

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Well over one hundred people and the Members of the Steering Committee met in the Eden Centre on Tuesday 30th July 2013 for the launch of the new Edenbridge U3A. Without doubt, it was a great success.

Magda Sweetland
The meeting was opened by Magda Sweetland, the Chairman of Knole U3A. She welcomed all those present and gave a brief outline of the aims of  the U3A and explained that Knole has 350 members and it is national U3A policy  that U3As should not keep waiting lists. This was the motivation for new branches at both Edenbridge and Westerham. She explained that, under the U3A umbrella, each branch would have its own tone and distinct character.

Sue Bell
The next speaker was Sue Bell, Chairman of Edenbridge U3A. Sue presented Magda with a bouquet of flowers for all the help she had given the steering committee in setting up the Edenbridge branch. She also thanked Pam Jones,  Regional Trustee,  for her support and attending the meeting.

The Committee Members were introduced and their respective roles were outlined. She explained what the members get for their £20  subscription. £3.50 goes to the U3A National Office which produces 5 magazines each year. These are sent free of charge to all members.  In addition, there will be local newsletters giving details of our Monthly Meetings.The list of Study Groups will be continually updated.

Lyn Snowden
Lyn Snowdon, the Group Coordinator of the new Westerham U3A, followed. Lyn explained how the two new branches are working together for the benefit of their members. She also suggested members should not over extend themselves and commit to too many Study Groups.

Molly Ward waiting to speak
Following Lyn, came Molly Ward, the Group Coordinator of Edenbridge U3A. Molly gave details of the various Study Groups. Some of the Group Leaders  personally explained the proposed outline for their Group.The speakers were the group contacts for Archaeology, Book Club, Bible Studies, London Studies, Mahjong and the Calm Group.

Choosing Study Groups
Membership Table
After the formal part of the meeting, refreshments were served. Thanks to all who provided such a wonderful spread. What a great start!.Tables were set up with signs showing the various Study Groups so that people could enroll. 62 new members joined on the day with many promises of more.

Thanks to the bakers
And the tea servers

Chairman winds up the Launch
The Launch ended with an "Any Questions? session and final comments and thanks from the Chairman.Members were encouraged to make the website their own and provide information to go on it - reports, information about groups, photographs, dates etc

Reporters  from the  Courier  and  The Edenbridge Chronicle were at the meeting. We hope to get favourable coverage in their next editions.


Book Club

Mah Jong
The Calm Group

We would like to thank all those who attended and especially those who worked so hard to provide such an enjoyable and informative meeting.

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