Sunday, 15 July 2018

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Edenbridge Town Centre
In Edenbridge U3A, we have over 250 members and growing! We have over sixty groups, some of which are shared with other local U3As. We do our best to keep you informed of all of our activities. It would be a good idea to bookmark this website and try to visit regularly.

If you are a member or Group Contact and you would like to be featured on this website, get in touch with us. We'd love to see your photographs and a short report of what you have been doing. You can find out how HERE

24th July 2018 
Annual General Meeting
Departing from the format of previous years, we will have a speaker this year preceded by a short business AGM
How To Grow Old Disgracefully
The Dowager Lady Crabtree
Lady Crabtree takes a whimsical look at growing older and shows that the advancing years are to be enjoyed, rather than endured. With a mixture of amusing personal anecdotes, comic monologues and sage advice, Lady Crabtree shares her wry observations about various aspects of ageing, such as dealing with fashion for the over-50s; health and beauty; failing memory, lost glasses… and how to fight back against the modern age.  In this celebration of maturity, Lady Crabtree will reveal that there are many advantages to growing older!

What happened to the mysterious Number 8?
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Chiddingstone Fete Dance

Chiddingstone Village Fete

"Alive with birdsong and ablaze with wildflowers"

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New Target 150,000 visits by July 2018

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

New Target 150,000 Visits by July 2018

We've now had over 135,000 visits to Edenbridge U3A Pages.

Are you a regular visitor?
Are you missing out?

Try to make a date with us at least once a week to find out what's going on!!!!
This time last year we set the target of 100,000 visits by the AGM in July 2017
We're sure we can make 150,000 visits by 
July 2018
Try to make a date with us at least once a week to find out what's going on!!!!